Assia Kara is just another young fashion designer who wants to be a star. So she studied at Chateau Massart Mode, a fashion design night class in her home town, Liège (Belgium). Graduation, blablabla, intern for Raffaele Ascione in London, blablabla, winner of Customisez-Moi 2013, blablabla, internship again but in Belgium this time : Annemie Verbeke (Brussels) and Christian Wijnants (Antwerp).

Her love of flaws and baseness led her to design her first "out-of-school" collection about hangover (yes, there was vomit in it).

After more than a year of unemployment, she got bored and decided to launch Tricksters, a festivalwear brand (2017).

SPOILER ALERT ! And then she became the biggest fashion rockstar ever.

The style is quite nice and naive, but in a rough and crude way...


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